Snapshot Poems



I turn the pages of history

paper cenotaphs
marking dates and places
battles and outbreaks
failures and achievements

and lament that

all the good deaths
are already taken.


New Shoes

do not
fit my feet
as well as I
had hoped. I pace up
and down the street, trying vainly
to break them in, but
they walk their own
way. They refuse
to walk


22, Summer

Chipped grey paint on porch boards
my black shorts hiding mosquito bites
we sat beside the sunset
watered borrowed potted plants and
watched the traffic go by.


I mentioned this before in another post, but lately I’ve been trying to inject some brevity into my work. I tend to be pretty verbose in my writing, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I want to practice being more concise so that I can fine-tune my writing style to whatever piece I’m working on at the time.

This has led to a number of what I like to call “snapshot poems” (hence the post title), since I use them to try to capture and succinctly convey a moment, a thought, or a feeling. Y’know, just make my point and then stop talking.

I’m really looking forward to experimenting more with brevity, as well as exploring the interaction and contrast that can come from mixing brevity with more “long-winded” writing. In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed these short pieces!

Author: Mitchell

I'm 22 and currently pursuing my MA in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto.

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