Ourselves, Contained

Ourselves, Contained

If you asked me what moment
I’m looking forward to the most,
the answer might surprise you.

The standard list of milestones
appear as honourable mentions –
significant, yes, and transformative,
but decidedly not the most anticipated.

While I am excited to share with you
in the spirited game of house-hunting

(A brief aside:
do houses need
to be hunted?
They are notoriously
and ungainly.)

as well as to purchase a marriage bed
in a quarrelsome trip through the aisles
of a furniture store,

I will much prefer the day at the supermarket
when, along with the ingredients for a stir fry recipe
you have never tried before, we will decide
to buy some new Tupperware.

At the checkout, the receipt will document
our decision as a matter of public record:
that we have chosen to share in each other’s leftovers,
homemade cookies, packed lunches,
the miscellaneous goods that gather
at the back of our refrigerator shelves.


The above photo doesn’t even depict a Tupperware© brand plastic container — it’s a Ziploc. I’m such a fraud.

This poem was published in this year’s 7 Mondays, the annual student-run literary journal at Mount Allison. This year marks the fourth and final time that I’ve been published in 7 Mondays, which is an exciting realization. It has been wonderful to have such a rich and vibrant community for creative writing at Mount Allison, especially for such a small university; I’m definitely grateful to have met so many of my peers who are similarly interested in creative writing.

Author: Mitchell

I'm 22 and currently pursuing my MA in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto.

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