These Next Few Weeks

Hello, and thank you for your continued interest in Scribblescratch! Less than four weeks have passed since this site emerged from the stagnant pond of my writerly restlessness, and I’m already feeling some internal ripples of engagement. It feels good to make things and put them out there, and I’m looking forward to doing so for the foreseeable future!

All that being said, there’s a bit of an obstacle on the horizon. I’m a member of Tintamarre, Mount Allison’s bilingual theatre troupe, and will once again be participating in the annual “Tintamarrathon”: a three-week run with ~20 performances at elementary, middle, and high schools scattered throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience, but it doesn’t leave a lot of free time…and it starts this Friday.

I’ve felt a little worried about this, because I want to keep sharing things on this site during said three weeks, but I don’t know how much time and effort I’ll be able to devote to the writing process. The Wednesday creative writing posts won’t be a problem — I’ve got a pretty big folder of decently polished work that I’m aching to share — but these Sunday posts are a different story. So far, I haven’t been preparing them (or even starting them) more than a day in advance, so I don’t have a stockpile at the ready for a time like this.

Or do I? I thought about the situation some more and determined a way to kill two birds with one stone. Prior to starting Scribblescratch, I used to have a different website on which I would write and post some of my work. The format and focus of the old site were substantially different from the new look I have here, and a big part of my goal in creating Scribblescratch was to “reinvent my digital presence,” or something like that.

Still, I was (and still am) kind of proud of some of the articles I wrote on that old site, but I didn’t know what to do with them. To copy them wholesale as a sort of “back catalogue” for Scribblescratch would partially defeat the purpose of starting a new site, and trying to pass them off as new posts would seem disingenuous.

Yet those old posts might be perfect for just such an occasion as this. Over the next few weeks, I’ll use my Sunday posts to share a few of my favourites from that other site. I’m not going to pretend that these are things I wrote very recently — some of them might be almost two years old — but I will update the content as necessary.

I sincerely hope this idea doesn’t come across as manipulative. I do want to preserve some of these old posts and share them with people who might not have read them before, and I think it’s fair to do so at a time when I might not otherwise be able to post consistently.

In any case, I hope you’ll check back in for some new creative writing on Wednesday, followed by a “blast from the past” post on Sunday!

Author: Mitchell

I'm 24 and currently pursuing a PhD in English at the University of Toronto.

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