Two Poems

As promised on Sunday, I have two poems to share today. In the future, perhaps I’ll plan ahead and pick two poems that have a common theme, or I could at least devise some sort of introduction. That, uhh, didn’t happen this time, but I hope you enjoy the poems nonetheless!


I unexpectedly found my Second Favourite Sackville
on a quiet Friday evening in late January
when I had just left a meeting and walked
through a downtown newly relit – freezing rain
had taken down power lines
just a few days previous – and noticed
the movement in store and restaurant windows.

I tried not to stare, afraid of eye contact
lest any patron should misinterpret my interest or
be unnerved by my presence,
but the sight was transfixing,
these incandescent dioramas on such prominent display,
families and friends as Christmas village animatronics.

The moment held (not froze) until I balled my hands
inside the pockets of my coat
and kept walking to where my car lay dead and waiting
in a parking lot three hundred metres away.


Evening Thoughts

This freshly made bed
is like a cool autumn morning
after an overnight shower
when the grass is still green enough
to glitter with its dappled raindrops
and the leaves haven’t lost all their grip and
can still bear a little added weight on the branches
and “foggy” sounds like such a bland word
for the chance to walk through the breath of the world
made real before my eyes
and I hate to ruin everything by enjoying it.

Author: Mitchell

I'm 22 and currently pursuing my MA in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto.

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