What’s Next

In starting this site, one of my goals from the outset was to establish a fairly consistent schedule when it comes to producing and posting content. This gives me deadlines for actually making and sharing things, and also gives you a better idea of when there will be new stuff for you to see here. Plus, if I want to keep this site going for any significant length of time, a schedule is going to be necessary.

So with all that said, here’s the schedule that I’ll be following for the foreseeable future on this site.

Every Wednesday, I will post at least one new piece of creative writing. This might mean a poem or two, a short story, maybe even part of a script or something. I’m trying to expand to new forms and genres, so I can’t really say for sure what’s going to happen! As for this coming Wednesday, I’ve got a couple of poems that I’m planning to share.

Every Sunday, I will post…something. I’m basically leaving this one wide open. Some weeks, I might put up a reaction to current events, a more “traditional” blog post of stuff from my life, a research article (of sorts) exploring a topic in which I’m interested, a recipe, or even just some news about the site — sort of like I’m doing right now.

I’ll try to publish each of the above at 7:00pm Atlantic on the day in question, although there might be some slight variance in that.

As for YouTube channel, well, I’m not setting anything in stone quite yet. Since I’m still exploring what kind of videos I want to make (and since videos can vary dramatically in the time and effort needed for production), they’ll sort of just happen when they happen. I will say that I’ve already got a solid idea for my next video, in which I’m planning to discuss some thoughts and feelings about graduating from Mount Allison, which will be happening in about a month and a half. So that’s a thing.

In any case, be sure to check back on Wednesday evening for a poem or two, hot off the digital presses!

Author: Mitchell

I'm 24 and currently pursuing a PhD in English at the University of Toronto.

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